DeGrant Recipients
Meet the DeGrantees working to bring their projects to life in the Stacks community
  • Cohort 1

    Selected January 2024
The Golang SDK project aims to address the absence of a dedicated Golang software development kit (SDK) for the Stacks blockchain.

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The Community Engagement Tooling project focuses on bridging the engagement gap in NFT projects, providing creators with the means to maintain community interest throughout the project's lifecycle.

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The Rising Tide Protocol is a new protocol geared towards enabling creators new and exciting opportunities to promote, share and profit from their work.

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3NS revolutionizes digital asset management on the Stacks blockchain by enabling entities to register names linked to digital assets.

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Stacks MixTapes aims to breathe new life into the Stacks NFT market by introducing a unique art and music NFT project.

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Music for Science brings the next 1,000 Spanish-speaking users to Stacks by focusing on onboarding a Spanish-speaking audience through educational content.

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